Pre-Production: Opening Credits Redux

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The opening credits give the first impression of what is to come. For the opening credits redux, I have a chance to recreate this in my own way. The most difficult part of the Pre-productions for this assignment was coming up with a good show/movie. I thought about 101 Dalmations, Cinderella (I like Disney classics), or even a James Bond. But I didn’t think I could get a good outcome. I finally decided on my all time favorite show Planet Earth. This show is so awe-inspiring and shows how unique nature really is. I am a nerd and have every episode made along with Disney Earth, Oceans, and Frozen Planet. It’s safe to say I may be a bit obsessed.

I first googled the original opening credits (even though I know it by heart) and bookmarked it for later reference. I then thought about what I wanted to do. The original idea is a compilation of the intense parts of the show with dramatic music in the background. I want to do the opposite. I love this show, even though it does show some of the darkest parts of nature, it still has happy moments. I want to create it more of an up-beat happy-go-lucky type of opening credits. I found a few compilations of scenes off youtube and plan to cut these down and put them together. I’m not sure of the music but have been pondering “Waiting on the World to Change” by John Mayer. I think it would be a good fit, I just want to see if the scenes will fit.

There were no tutorials on how to do this assignment, but it should be simple with a few cuts here and some rearranging and adding some music! Of course, I’m sure it sounds a lot simpler than it is!

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