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Three time review definitely made me look, listen, and analyze.  I never knew that blocking out one thing such as volume would make me pick up on different things going on in the scene.  I picked up on lighting when the volume was down and when I closed my eyes just to focus on the audio I could visualize expressions.  It is that much better when you look at it for the final time it was like your senses have been awakened lol!  I watched the ending of training day which was a awesome movie in itself.  It was hard for me to focus on anything else but Denzel he is such a excellent actor and I don’t think that I could have thought of a better scene myself with a better actor.  Below is the video that I listened and looked at.

From Rodger Ebert’s Journal I found it helpful to always keep the audience in mind because they are the most helpful. I learned that certain angles that the story is shot at can add to or take away from the dynamics of a scene.   That certain movement hit home with the audience and you can play on that.  Paying attention to color, lighting, shadows, construction, characters, dialogue, acting, and history.

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