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In DS106 this week, we were asked to view a clip from a selected group of famous movies to analyze the effects used. At first I watched the clip with no sound, then I just listened to it, and finally I listened and watched the clip. I wrote notes each time I played the clip. The clip I chose was a scene from the first Matrix shown here:

As the scene starts, the zoom out and spin “pan” perspective like in the Cowboys vs. Aliens example is immediately apparent. The white background makes things pop. The zoom in on the TV ads perspective to an else wise perspective lacking room, special effects give most of what comes next its effect. Camera angle drops down to ground, sky moves in opposite direction of zoom to create the pulley/zoom effect. There is a zoom out perspective like in The Atonement long take/ steadicam example. There is also an unlimited zoom out example towards end.
Talk is slow and building up to create suspense. Morpheus is really descriptive, and helps paint a picture in your head. Clicking sounds help create the idea of a remote control being used. Music builds suspense, and then the thunder adds to it. The way the music builds suspense compliments Morpheus’ slow suspenseful speech. Mechanical sounds towards the end help give the idea of machines. Liquid is mentioned, and then you hear a liquid sound.
Every time Morpheus mentions something, Neo references what he mentions on his body by checking it. The things he mentions are shown during, or right after he mentions it. Music is synchronized with the scene. As the dramatic scenes are shown, the sound is synchronized to be more dramatic or loud. I didn’t notice the baby actually makes a noise the first two times I watched.

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