How to Look, Listen, and Analyze I Am Legend Video Clip

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For this assignment we were asked to pick one of the listed video clips off of Youtube and watch it 3 times. Each time we watch it we were asked to take notes on different aspects of the video. We were to refer back to the reading on ‘How to Read a Movie’ by Roger Ebert and the 5 clips we watched on cinematic techniques.

The first time we watch the clip we are supposed just watch the video with no sound so that we can take notes on the visual aspects. The second time we were asked to turn the volume up, but not actually watch the video so we can take notes on the take notes on the pacing of the dialogue, the spaces in the the audio, the use of music or sound effects. The third time we were to watch the video, as we would regularly would, and write about what we may have missed the first two times or how the two elements work together.

The clip that I chose to watch was the ‘i am Legend a catching a zombie scene’ clip. I chose this one because I have watched the movie before and I actually liked it! Here is my list of notes on the 3 different times I watched the movie and what I learned:

-While watching the video without any audio I noticed that POV (Point of View), Cut, and a Long Take, and Tracking Shot Techniques. The actor Will Smith was always in a dominant and positive position throughout the whole scene as well.

-This video had hardly any dialogue so they was definitely a lot of layering sounds and sound effects throughout this scene. This was used to help create a kind of sense of suspense for this scene. The quietness and just hearing the wind and birds chirping definitely added to this scene.

-One thing that I missed was the use of Horizontal Panning. And that use of lightning in the beginning to help show the negative and positive within the scene.

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