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Hello World,

I hope all is well and everyone is safe and those impacted by Sandy are recovering well.  This week was well used preparing myself for the upcoming assignments.  Not to mention that my car had to have major mechanical work done this week which broke the bank so I am not too happy about that.  I had a great time this week taking my son trick or treating and just seeing him have so much fun it made me forget about my troubles.  I have decided to move closer to school this week instead of making the long commute from Richmond to school I thought it would make it a little easier on my family.

This week we started learning about reading movies and getting our tools ready. I have absolutely no experience with software that allows me to combine, edit, re-sequence video, add or even replace the audio from a video clip. I have Windows Movie Maker on my computer and plan on using that as my primary tool.  I am searching the internet for other helpful tools that I can download to help me out.  I also took to YouTube to view some tutorials on how to use Windows Movie Maker and get some cool tips.

  • I watched the end of Training Day and I could not have asked for a better actor to look and listen to.  It was a great clip because even without the sound I could follow what was going on and got an idea of the scene from the angle of the camera and lighting. This task even had me paying attention to the way the actors dressed and looked in the scenes.  How to read a movie from Rodger Ebert’s journal was very interesting and when he says anything about movies you want to pay attention.  This being said because you always hear his name in the movie industry and his word means gold to some.  You can see my post at  http://shenikarich.com/3-time-revieweberts/



  • This week we had to create 2 daily create assignments.  It is no surprise that I love doing these things and it definitely keeps my creative juices flowing when I do them.  If you would like to take a glimpse of my work for the week you can at http://shenikarich.com/daily-create-week-10/

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