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A word..A picture..A story

I decided to do this project just for fun. The assignment said to think of several random words and write them down. So my list went as follows:

Lights, Snow, Tree, Presents,Santa, Anticipation, Hot Coco, Singing, Kids, Joy, Savior, Angels, Peace.

OKayyy, So as you can see my mind was thinking about more then just DS106. With this cold weather I’ve already gotten into the Christmas Spirit. I know we still haven’t had thanksgiving and I usually try to hold out. But, this year I just couldn’t do it! I decided Thanksgiving will be a part of the Christmas celebration this year.

That said, I was listening to Christmas music as I worked on this assignment. So, my list of random words was not all that random.

The next step in this project was to plug in each word to google image. I searched through the pictures and found one I like for each word. The links to the websites where I decided to pull the photos from are linked below.

Lights, Snow, Tree, Presents, Santa, anticipation, hot coco, Singing, Kids, Joy, Savior, angels, Peace

After downloading these pictures to my iPhoto it was time to get to work on making them into a motion film.

I’ve been tinkering with Imovie a lot these past two weeks. And, I’ve learned ALOT!!! One by one, I dragged the photos to a new project in my iMovie. I actually used a themed project for this film. It created a really unique way of presenting the photos. With a little christmas music the project was golden!

The purpose of the film is to tell a story with the pictures. The assignment gave the option of having sentences to do so, or just allowing the photos to do the talking. I added a title to get folks minds set then allowed the photos to tell the well known story.

See for yourself


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