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Joining the Conversation tasked me with first finding a video clip with at least two people in it.  That was the hardest task because it seems like every time that I need to think of something to do my mind goes blank.  I wanted to choose a movie clip that

I thought this was a cool assignment to do because this was one of the very first assignments that I got the chance to view while we were in boot camp.  I just remember how someone did a conversation about a cat and incorporated it into a serious movie scene.  It always stuck with me and I could not wait until I got the chance to do it myself.  It turned out to be a lot harder than I thought but I have earned some new stripes as a result of it LOL!

In order to create my this I first had to set out and find a clip that contained dialogue between two people.  I could not find the tools to edit out the voices completely everything I found either charged or was for apple.  I tried to improvise my work and do it in Windows Live Movie.

I absolutely loved my peers video in the Batman scene.  It was funny and he nailed it I wish that someone would do a step-by-step guide to doing this because that would be the best. I struggled the most with this assignment and I hope to have a little more practice doing this.


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