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Super Cut it!

This assignment was to find a phrase or themes overused in a specific movie or tv show.

The hardest part of these assignments for me is thinking of what movie to use. So, i racked my brain for something. I don’t watch too much tv these days. But, I did in my childhood. I used to love ScoobyDoo. But, at the same time it always scared me.

So I used ScoobyDoo for this assignment and focused on my favorite characters. Scooby and Shaggy! As i searched youtube and watched old episodes i payed attention to stuff they said over and over. At first I wanted to use “ZOINKS”. Which is a made up phrase i guess. But, Shaggy says it all the time.

However, After a while I realized I would not have enough shots for that. Then, it hit me. In every episode there is ALWAYS a scream scene. Some monster pops out from somewhere and everyone makes a ridiculous face as they scream.

I selected several clips from YouTube and used “PwnYouTube” which i’ve previous downloaded into my bookmarks. This tool allowed my to download each as a MP4.

Once all the clips were on my computer I started to clip and cut the scenes. Many of the clips had several scream scenes in them. So, I opened them up one by one in MPEG. Here, I was able to use the “input”/ “output” process to clip the scene.

After going through this process with each clip several times, I had myself a good amount of screaming people from scooby Doo. I  collaborated them in MPEG then exported the file into my Imovie. In imovie, I added music and a title/end slide.

And uploaded the finished product to Youtube:


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