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A movie trailer

This was by far my favorite assignment i created! The assignment itself was to make a movie trailer for something you would want everyone to get excited about. Of course i took this opportunity to make a surf film!

I texted my friend Jessy and asked for any footage she had of us this past summer. We spend a lot of time in the water surfing together. But, we very seldom do we have someone take pictures or movies… The life of girl surfers -_-. haha Jessy and I always joke that our moms are our sponsors. They feed us and every now and then come watch us surf. So, that’s as good as we’ve got sponsor wise. :) Long story short, we don’t have a ton of shots from our surf sessions.

But, she helped me find what we did have. And i went to work to create our first film. I used a actual theme from imovie to create this cool movie trailer.

The project in Imovie actually guided me through the makings of this movie trailer. I plugged in the things i wanted the film to say. I added our names to the credits. Then, I started searching through pictures and videos from our surf trip to Wrightsville and random days in Vabeach.

I had a problem with adding the pictures as .mpeg files to the film. So, i created a new project for each photo and saved it as a video. Then, i uploaded the video to imovie and added it into my trailer

I didn’t like the music placed on the trailer so i saved the project. Then, opened it back up in Imovie as a film. Starting a new project, i dragged the film to the project and added my own music.

The waves may be the smallest ever seen in a surf film . However, I am pretty proud of this film!


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