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How to Tutorial assigned me the task of recording myself teaching my audience how to do something and narrating it.  I am a big fan of and if you are familiar with this site you know that there are tons of ideas on creating things (and if you’re not familiar with that site you are missing out)

I chose to do this assignment because I have never done a tutorial before that I have recorded myself and that seems to be the most popular thing to do these day especially on YouTube.  I thought it was a cool way to start doing tutorials without all the harsh comments that you are liable to get from posting it online for the world to easily see.

I did a sample version of the softner technique because this recipe makes a lot and I don’t have the need for that large amount of softener right now. I decided to do a how to on something that could save not only myself money but the common everyday person. I chose to show how to make homemade softener.  In the video I used the following ingredients:

{Homemade Fabric Softener}

6 Cups Water

2 Cups Hair Conditioner

3 Cups White Vinegar

I used Windows video maker to create an intro and a page that included all the ingredients needed.  I used my phone to make the magic and I used windows again to add my music


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