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This Assignment tasked me with making a 30 second video of  me showing you how to make something with no audio. http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/30-second-documentary/  I chose this because I figured my days always consist of making or doing something and I could just record and edit it.

To make sure that I stayed in my time frame I laid out all the products that I needed to create my PB&J masterpieces that I create whenever my son desires.  I cannot cook (or rather I don’t like to cook) so I thought that I would record and edit myself with Windows Video Maker showing how I do something.

I really enjoyed the speed cooking show it was a different twist on the topic by recording something and speeding it up instead of trying to capture the entire recording in 30 seconds like I did lol. There were lost of ideas to look at and get ideas from some that I would have never thought of.


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