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Be a Critic of Nostalgia! Tasked me with creating a video that critiques a classic movie.  I had to find a movie from my childhood so I simply searched a list of movies from the 1990s and was shocked at how many i never watched but so many that I had and it brought back memories.  My dad is a big sci-fi movie guy so it would only be natural that I would remember a sci-fi movie more than others.

The movie that I chose to discuss was Mars Attack (1996).  Mars attack was a movie directed by Tim Burton which depicts aliens invading and destroying Earth.  Only to be stopped by the playing of a song from the 1950s.  It is composed of computer generated aliens that at the time when it first came out I thought was super cool.  Some of the cast from the movie includes: Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, Michael J . Fox, Tom Jones, Natalie Portman, Pam Grier, Ray J, and so many more.

I used Windows Movie Maker to record myself critiquing this movie.  I used the editing tools to insert the music that is needed to give you my viewers an idea of what a certain song  is that plays a major part in the movie.

I checked out his site before doing this critique and there is so much that you can view.  I kind of got side tracked when I saw topic of interest to me like the Simpsons lol!  His site it cool and I would encourage you to check it out at

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