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DS106 Fave moments http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/ds106-fave-moments/ I was tasked with creating a two-minute video of my favorite DS106 moments.  I changed it a little and talked about my experience in general in this course and why I chose this course.

I used my webcam to record myself and upload it to YouTube so that I could express my gratitude for this course.  This course allowed me to adjust to going back to campus and completing some of my elective requirements without taking me away from my son.  My biggest fear when I started back school was that I would not be able to adjust to not seeing my son as much as I was used to.  I had to change jobs and shifts that I worked to accommodate my school schedule and that in itself was a change to my life.  I have adjusted well and am planning on moving closer to school soon so that I can spend even more time at home instead of traveling.

So far from the assignment page I am the second person to do this so there are not many examples to look at.  I agree with the one other person that I will definitely miss doing these assignments.  Based on my schedule for next semester I have nothing that is scheduled that will let me express myself and give me the freedoms that this course has offered me.

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