Elf in Black and White

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Silent Era

This assignment was to take a modern movie clip and revert it to an old silent film.

Once again, the outcome of my christmas mood. What funnier movie for being in the Christmas spirit then ELF! My roommate and I had just watched this movie several days before, so that’s probably why it came to mind. Elf is a funny movie just for the silliness that  characterizes Buddy.  There were not very many clips available online for this movie. So, it narrowed down what I could us.  I searched through youtube and found a scene from elf that would still seem to have a plot without sound.

I choose the scene where Buddy, the elf, meets his dad for the first time. He has just come from the North Pole where he discovered he was not an elf but a human. And now he is in New York to meet his real dad. But…he’s dad has no idea he had buddy. So, as buddy walks into he’s fathers office dressed as an Elf everyone is confused. They think buddy has dressed and been sent as a “Christmas Gram” to sing for the office.

After finding it on Youtube, i used PwnYouTube to download the clip as an MP4.

Then, I opened the scene in Imovie where i could edit it. First, i fiddled around to find out how to convert the film into black and white. Once in black and white I then had to create cues.  I saved a background used by professor Alan on his blog . Then, I opened this photo in Gimp. I then made a powerpoint with the words i wanted to put in my cue. After saving the powerpoint as a picture, I opened it as a layer on top of my background photo.

I did this process several times and then inserted the photos into the film.

After the motion part was complete, I canceled out the normal sound on the film. Then, I added a song from my itunes.

Walahh!! Elf as a classic,silent, black and white,  old school film

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