Lip Synch Your Favorite Song

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Lip Synch Your Favorite Song says it all in the title.  I was tasked with Lip Synching to a song of my choice.  The hardest thing about this video was chosing a song and getting my video to be on track with the audio.

I chose this assignment because when I saw the title the first thing that popped into my mind was that Ashley Simpson incident when she was caught lip synching and started to do a silly dance in response.  It also did not hurt that it was a simple assignment or so I thought I literally had to redo this assignment like 10 times before I was able to get things to lineup.

I searched YouTube and found a song that did not have curse words which was a challenge in itself.  I than recorded myself with my webcam and added audio to the video.  I chose the song by Keri Hilson “Knocked Down” only because I knew the words and it was an upbeat song lol!

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