Reenact A Viral Video

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Reenact a viral video was a great assignment This assignment required that you try to reenact a viral video that is on the web.  I searched YouTube to find a video that had over a million views and came across the video of a baby dancing to Beyoncé which I have embedded below

I chose this assignment because I was able to incorporate my son in the assignment.  I never upload him on YouTube so this was my chance but I still made the video unlisted because people don’t always say the nicest things about others on the Internet.  I know that my son likes to dance so it was easy for me just to put the video on for him to see and that he would do the rest without me having to ask him to.

I used my cellphone to record him because it was the easiest tool for me to use and I can easily upload the videos that I record to my personal YouTube account.

I tried to view the other two people’s video attempts at this but was unable to view the contents I kept getting error messages but I did find a few reenactments on YouTube itself.

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