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This is my story tasks us with telling a story with flashcards.
I really liked this assignment because I always saw on the internet that people are posting their animals and children with signs that tell the embarrassing thing or behavior that they had exhibited. I used my cellphone to record the video and upload it to YouTube and I used YouTube editor to add music to the video so you would not hear dead air.

Here is a little background on my video:

My son has been getting in trouble at school exhibiting behaviors that I have never witnessed for myself.  He gets a progress report everyday and lately it has been reported that he has been talking back to the teachers, biting, playing rough with the other kids, and hitting his teachers. It is hard to punish a two-year old for something that he has done a daycare because he does not remember what he did.  I have had to show up at this daycare to watch him at random points in the day so that if I catch him misbehaving I can step in his classroom and correct him then so he knows what he is doing wrong.  So today a bad report came home and as punishment I would not allow him to have any ice cream after dinner.  

I looked at Kavon’s adventure blog and I have to say that I not only liked her video but her format of her summary was great.  I liked how she listed the things that she did to create the video in numerical order and plainly so that anyone could understand it was awesome to see that and I am might incorporate this in my future assignments.

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