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The entirety of the past two weeks’ work in ds106 has consisted of video editing.  16 points of assignments have been done, for better or for worse.  :)   They are listed here:

Do the Hitch Cut – 4 stars
Watching Movies with the Stereo On – 3 stars
Redub the Audio – 4 stars
Return to the Silent Era – 5 stars

I appreciate as always having the opportunity to try some new things and get some practice with some familiar things while working on this week’s assignments.  As always, however, I was completely inundated with ‘technical difficulties’ while trying to complete these assignments.  I wish I knew by what magic electronics seem to work as intended for the majority of the rest of the population, but for me, they seem to just completely freeze.  How rude.

None the less, I think I came out with some rather successful work, considering this has been my first real go at video.  Once I got my software to function, I definitely surprised myself with the things I was able to accomplish.

To be real, I had a crappy, crazy couple of weeks, full of quite a few extreme highs and lows.  I’m exhausted, and I didn’t want to do any of this. Quite frankly, it seemed completely insignificant and unworthy of attention by comparison to the things I had been going through.

But once again, I’m glad I did.   I’m proud of what I accomplished, I gained yet more skills and confidence with these things (along with further confirmation that electronics hate me), and I got to watch way more Princess Bride clips than I could justify.  By the way, you can blame my daughter being sick at home with extremely high fevers for a week straight for the Princess Bride kick.  We introduced her to it the night before she got sick, two Sundays ago, and it quickly became her favorite choice to watch over and over again as she was confined to her bed while she was sick.

Anyway.  I had to dig down pretty deep to get myself to do these assignments.  But yes, it was fun, and yes, I’m proud of myself and glad I was forced to do it all once again.

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