Week 11 and 12 Summary

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Over the past two weeks we have had to complete video assignments for this course.  I have really enjoyed looking at the work of my peers they are really a creative bunch.  I had fun and until the last two-week had no idea what it really meant to tell a story with video.  I am glad that I have gotten the chance to create it myself this week.  I now know that videos and pictures not only capture a memory or moment but it can also be used to tell a story.  I also learned this week that video editing is not as easy as I thought coming into this project it takes a lot more thought and energy.  As I was doing the assignments the hours were flying by each day at a very fast pace and often did not get to complete work for some of my other courses.  With no further delay I have listed the assignments that I have completed below and I hope you enjoy!!!!!









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