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These past two weeks I learned a lot of valuable video editing skills. I definitely mixed up everything I planned to do in the last summary. Every assignment i planned to do was changed, except for maybe one. I found new and more creatively challenging ones to do.

I decided to test my skills out with Imovie a lot this week. I have actually learned A LOT and am excited to use the knowledge i’ve gained for fun. My favorite movie I made, by far, this week was my surf film. I actually checked the views and got excited to see over 40!! haha..

Check out y surf film. May be the shortest and the smallest waves. But! I still had fun making it. Surf movie

Another project I did in Imovie taught me to change the settings of an already made movie. I took a clip from elf and changed the color,sound,and clips. The project was to take a clip and make it into and old silent film. The most difficult part of this assignment was creating the cues. I found a tutorial of Youtube though that was helpful. Pretty proud for doing my own research on that one. haha :)

Elf in Black and White

I used MPEG for another film this week. The assignment was to collaborate a recurring action, phrase, or theme from a tv show. For some reason i decided to do scooby doo. However,  a lot in that cartoon is repetitive so it was not too hard. The worst part was searching youtube and spending time watching the show. Haha probably pretty funny to people that walked by in the library. I’m sure they were wondering why I came to the library just to watch an old children’s cartoon. :) Oh well Most of the work I did for this assignment was on MPEG.

Remember ScoobyDoo

And, once again my Christmas mood was reflected in the assignments I did. I chose to do an assignment of telling a story through photos of random words. However, my words were not too random because the Christmas music playing in my headphones. I enjoyed the way this assignment turned out. I used Imovie to make the photos into a film.

Christmas Stories

I enjoy video assignments. However, I am thankful this was a two week segment. The video’s are really cool once done…but…frustrating while in progress. :)

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