Mad Miracle Max and His Witch

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Redub the Audio – 4 stars

Take a classic movie (or heck any movie you like), and rescript the audio of a key scene. You will want to re-write the lines to change the meaning or intent of the scene, delete the original audio, and record your own (this can be done many ways, voiceover in iMovie, recording the audio and editing the track in any other movie editor). For my example, I took Howard Beale’s on camera rampage from “Network”, and changed it to a diatribe on being bored in school.

This is one of the assignments that I had done preparations for in Week 10.  I had settled on the Miracle Max scene in The Princess Bride.  In particular, I always loved how the scene where Miracle Max and his witch-I mean his wife are arguing.  They go at it like mad, but are smiling together by the end.  The producers of The Princess Bride managed to capture the feel of an every-day married couple arguing, in such an odd setting as Miracle Max’s cottage in the make-believe world of the Gilda and Florin.  So, I decided to redo the argument.  I wrote a script (I got to pick what my husband had to say for this argument…guess who wins!!;), and I recorded this with the help of my husband.  I edited the video clip in MPEG Streamclip, and recorded (and edited) the audio using Audacity.

After this, I took both exported clips back into Windows Live Movie Maker, adjusted the timing a bit, and published the video.

I figured the argument over the remote control was one of the most classic arguments, so that’s what I ultimately settled on.  I actually had to do some Wikipedia research to figure out what to talk about in regards to TV shows, since we don’t get cable or anything like that (and haven’t for years).  Still, I figured this was a good choice.  We don’t really argue, so I figured it was just as well to pick something we don’t even know anything about to argue over. :)   It may be evident how horrible we are at arguing (and acting) when listening to the redub, but overall, I think it fit pretty well, and hopefully it’s at least a little entertaining.

Still, nothing will ever beat ‘I’m not a witch, I’m your wife!’  And not even Gangdam Style can beat ‘Humperdink! HUMPERDINK!!!’  Honor and credit to those to whom it is due.  *humbled curtsey*

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