My Final Video Assignment…Yes!

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Title: Product Review

Description: For this assignment I was asked to pick any item around my house that I either enjoy using, find helpful on a day-to-day basis, or even something that you own but don’t find worth the money you payed for it. After picking my item I was then asked to record myself giving a product review. I was asked to show how the item works, what it’s used for, what it’s features are, what you think of it, etc.

Inspiration: Before I buy any product I definitely try to find some sort of review on it! Whether the review comes from a friend, magazine, or internet source I could really care less! I think product reviews are a great asset to consumers world wide. It is a way for us to help one another spend our dollars correctly!

Process: For this assignment I just used my Web Cam on my computer and simply recorded myself giving a review on my earplugs. I then uploaded the video into my blog.

Example: Here are two links to previous examples of this assignment.

Example 1

Example 2

I felt that both of these videos got the point of this assignment across. They showed the item, explained how it worked, showed me how it worked, and told me how they felt about it. I loved how in the second example the alarm clock actually went off! That thing was super loud!

My Video:

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