Number Two…Here We Go!

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Title: Live Here!

Description: For this assignment I was asked to make a 90 second video about why my residence hall is the best place to live on campus.

Inspiration: After the description of this assignment I immediately thought about when I was a incoming freshman here at the University and I was trying to decide where to live. I wish there had been some sort of guide out there to help me decide on which dorm to live in! I didn’t know anything about the campus or the different themed living communities that they had on campus. This would have helped me so much and I think a lot of other students as well.

Process: For this assignment I recorded myself talking about my Iphone about the reasons to live in Eagle Landing. After recording myself I then uploaded my video on Youtube. After uploading it I downloaded it to my computer using WinX Youtube Downloader. I then opened the video into Windows Movie Maker, added some special effects, and title slide and credit slide. I used the Trim tool to do some editing and I added three visual effects to the movie (spin, wrap, and 3D ripple) to give it more substance. And Viola!

Example: There was only one previous example of this assignment done. Here is the link to that example:

Example 1

I felt that overall this example was not very effective at getting the story across. It honestly just reminded me of someone just documenting their day to day life. The video also didn’t really go by the directions of the assignment. First, the video was only supposed to be 90 seconds long and the girl lived off campus with her family (so it kind of really went against the purpose of the assignment). However, even ignoring all this she never really gives me any reason to want to come live at her house. She basically is just giving me a tour of her house.

My Video:

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