That’s a Wrap! Movie Time is Over! Weekly Summary for Week 11 and 12

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Here are all the links to my Video Assignments for this week. In each post I describe the assignment, my process, show examples and the inspiration I had behind it.

Movie Scenes That Changed Our Lives (5 Stars Worth):

Live Here (5 Stars Worth):


Super Cut it (5 Stars Worth):

Super Cut It

Product Review (1 Star Worth):


I can definitely say that these past two weeks have been a lot of hard work! I will say that out of the four assignments I did Movies That Changed Our Lives and Super Cut It were the hardest to complete. The main issue I had to deal with was trying to find a decent program that would allow me to download videos from Youtube to my computer. As soon as I found and downloaded the program WinX Youtube Downloader my problems were solved! After that then everything came down to a lot of technical issues. Some of the videos I downloaded were not of good quality so I had to find another version. So mainly just dealing with a lot of trail and error on my part. However, I will say that Windows Movie Maker was a huge help! I thought it was going to be a lot harder to use, but it actually was very simple! Once I figured out how to convert my videos to .wvm format (with the help of Youtube) I didn’t really have any other problems with the program. Overall, this week was definitely a eye-opening one and it showed me that there is definitely a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes when making a movie! I now see why it can be so hard to get good material and why editing is so critical! I have now found a new respect for all movie producers!

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