I Don’t Know Why You Say Good Bye, I Say God Be With Ye

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Get the Beatles reference? If you don’t, promptly YouTube search the song “Hello, Goodbye” by the Beatles before continuing to read. There really is no excuse. Anyways, I first heard about the origins of the word goodbye from a Spanish professor explaining why people say “adios” in Spanish. He explained that it wasn’t uncommon in many other languages to reference a deity when wishing a person good fortune in their travels from you. In English, it is said that the word goodbye is a sort of mashup of the words “God be with ye.” So when I read the assignment description for Vernacular Video, it took me a while, but I remembered what my professor had said about goodbye, and decided to use it. I immediately wanted to flip flash cards for the assignment, as if to portray a feeling of studying off of them. It was hard to read the cards and shoot the video at the same time, so I had my friend Victor flip the cards and shoot the video while I read. The main problem was my horrible stuttering again. I try so hard, but I’m just a natural stutterer. I’m not as bad as I used to be, but it still frustrates me, and when I get frustrated, I stutter. It’s a vicious cycle. Regardless, the point of the assignment was to tell the history of a word in an interesting way, and I feel accomplished. Ta Dah!

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