The “Hitch Cut”, George Style

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The “Hitch Cut” is a video editing skill made popular by Albert Hitchcock that shows two clips that are completely similar, except the scene in the middle of the clips are different to change the entire meaning of the clip based off of what is seen. I felt like I could create the Hitch Cut, but the trick was actually coming up with what I wanted to portray. I was having a few brews with my buddy Victor, when it all came to me.

The first thing I wanted to do was include Victor’s grandfather in the clips, because he makes me laugh. His grandfather (George) does not speak much English at all, but as people say, laughter is spoken in every language. He has a way of smiling and laughing at you that just makes you laugh too. One of the more humorous things about the clips I’m sharing with you, is that I didn’t even bother to try to explain to him what I was doing. He is just sitting in the basement the whole time, watching TV, and laughing at us. The other side of the story is that the whole family, even the six year old grandson Allan, is in on an inside joke, where whenever Victor’s grandfather enters a room, or whenever you enter a room he is in, you say “Hey George!” or “Sup George!” using Victor’s Dad’s voice.

The rest of the video was drawn up in my head. I would act like a person that might invoke a feeling of anger or pity (depending on the person). I would hold a bottle o liquor, and stumble as I walked into a room. My friend Victor’s reaction (him shaking his head) would then be viewed as disapproving, or disappointed in the scene his is witnessing. I figured I could contort the meaning of his reaction by doing something else that would make someone shake their head, except this time it would be silly and embarrassing. I decided to stick with a similar motif of being off balance, but only the means by which I became off balance was different. I would goof off and spin around in circles, invoking what would be a similar reaction, but the reaction would have been for other reasons. I believe the finished product covered the assignment criteria in this link well!

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