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As Professor Levine is aware of, this past week has been very eventful for me and has caused me to be late writing up my assignments, but I don’t want to get into why it was eventful.

This week was tough! I collaborated with some friends to help me with some video shooting (which ended up causing me much headaches). The main thing that stinks about trying to do work with friends is that they never want to do work. You also have to rely on them being around when you need them which I learned can’t be overstated at all. But I was able to get everything done just in time for Thanksgiving. I get why DS106 decides to do video editing before Thanksgiving now; so that you can be extra thankful that the video editing assignments are over! I also discovered that personal preferences differ a lot. I found working with other video editing programs a pain in the butt compared to Windows Movie Maker. I found Movie Maker quick and simple to find things that I needed to use. Also, when I was shooting videos, I tried to keep in mind the video recording techniques that we were asked to study a few weeks ago. They really do make a difference! So here are my video assignments. I used a first person perspective when shooting the tour of my basement. To be honest, the main reason is that I had to, since I was the only one around who could shoot it since everyone else had left to go to Chili’s and I stayed home to do homework. I was able to flaunt one of my favorite movies in the What Makes You Laugh assignment, so that was a plus. In the Vernacular assignment, I was able to show that I actually retained things I have learned in Spanish. Crazy right? In the Cooking assignment, I didn’t exactly cook, but I made a McGangbang at McDonald’s to share with the world. I didn’t come up with the sandwich, but I did make a video on how to make it. Finally, the Hitchcut assignment is the funniest one I made according to me. That’s probably because you have to be there to understand how funny the “Hey George” thing is. It’s an inside joke I wish the whole world was in on. I hope everyone is having a good Thanksgiving break. Cheer for the ‘Skins while you’re eating! Adios! And God be with ye!

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