And Here It Is! Ideas and Layout for the Final Project!

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The first idea that I had for my Final Project was to do something based around my friends and it being our last year in college (we will all be graduating this spring). This project would be based of me and my three other friends (Ashley, Romadon, and Rudy) four years in college at the University of Mary Washington. The main reason why I choose to use those three is because out of all my other friends on campus I have known them the longest (we all met during the Student Transitioning Program the summer before we officially became freshman here) and they are my closet friends here.

The main idea that I have in mind right now is using different sorts of media (audio, pictures, and video) and making a kind of college or something about each of us. I kind of wanted to make a sort of year-book themed page about each person. (I’m going to do some research today and over the week to see if I can find some free programs online to help me do this) Each page/slide show would have images, audio, or videos hand picked and based on that person. Then the last page/slide show would have images, audio, or videos of us all together.

For this project I would be using images and videos that I have collected or taken over the past 4 years, my Iphone to record a opening interview on each person, Audacity (to edit the audio and add in fun themed music), and Windows Movie Maker.

I will continue to update this page as my idea becomes more clear and laid out.

*If I find a program that will allow me to make a year book themed page for everyone I will post the link in this post later. If not, I will either be making some sort of slide show or my own year book themed pages.*

**I might also try to include Pinterest in some way or form**

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