EyeDears for the Final Project

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Our final project for DS106 is coming up and we have been asked to plan ahead what we want to do before we do it since we have to work with several forms of media. This is of course laughable, because pirates rarely plan anything; we just do.
That leads me to my first point about the project. I have gone this far working with a pirate theme that I’m off and on about, but I see no reason why my last project shouldn’t have something to do with pirates. I’m also a big Christmas person, so I think something along the lines of suburban Christmas pirates would be completely ridiculous, so naturally I want to do it. Maybe get a few videos of my friends and me stealing toys in downtown Fredericksburg, which means I can make some wanted posters with some photo editing, maybe an emergency radio broadcast recording for sound editing, or I could make a news report of it with video. Why not both? They all sound pretty ridiculous, and therefore logical choices. I’m not ruling out the possibility of some police sketches of these pirates, or maybe even one of those “Dateline” style interviews of a suburban Christmas pirate where (if I can figure out how to) I can distort the voice and put fuzzy glitchy things over faces so that I can “conceal” their identities. I could photo edit some newspapers to make it seem like the pirates hit front page news. I think I have some good ideas here. What say my critiquers?

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