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For my final project I am thinking of doing something about the ocean.

My first thought was to pick a character or a pro surfer. I thought about Bethany Hamilton or John John. But, didn’t think that would leave enough room for creativity. So, as i re -read the assignment I had an idea. Traveling and surfing are my two favorite subjects. I couldn’t really think of a character that did these. Instead, I think i will focus my project on “rain”. Following a rain drop and it’s life journey. Rain is is the waves we surf and the rivers we drive over.

  • Visual/Design: A redesigned forecast
  • Web: A Pinterest board of all the places it has been or wants to be
  • Audio: A sound effect story of the different sounds of a city before raining in the ocean
  • Video: A collaborative film of all the places water goes.
  • Visual : A map with the places it has been

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