Final Project Proposal

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I would like to focus my project on my son of course. I love the opportunity to focus on him and spend time showing him how to do things and he inspires me to always do my best no matter what. Since this is a chance for me to tell a creative story it allows me also to come up with something exciting that I can share with him during one of our reading times that we have.  I plan on doing a narrative about him being a super hero that nobody knows is him.  It will be a great piece to do and it is very exciting.  I plan on using some audio pieces to do sound effects in the story and to create a theme song from one of my old school favorites with a little twist to it.  Visually i will be showing graphics and creating video of my superhero son in action. It is hard to determine exactly what I’m going to be using but below are the links to a few of the media pieces that I might be attempting to create my masterpiece lol. – this would allow me to play with flashing neon of an image which could give like a radioactive effect to the story. Like any true superhero story the media is involved and would be focused on a cover like that of superman and spiderman I would like to do this but with a twist.  With me being the news reporter at the scene of what might have been a recent superbaby sighting. I am thinking for the plot of the story that I recreate a children’s book



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