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Recycled media to make a new story has a pool of recycled media from unused art of all ds106ers (and beyond)


I found this audio in the pool or recycled media. I decided to theme my project using it. I imagined creating a visual of a walk outside. With the birds tweeting in the background, I began to look through the media. I found many photos of the outdoors. I narrowed them down to images that would be on this “walk I was creating. By the end I had many different ones that show the progression from the person’s home, through the town, to a river. (I guess it could very well be a walk here in Fredericksburg).

I created this film in Imovie. After choosing all the photography I want to use for my story, I then organized it to tell a story. Although the video is a collection of snap shots, the way I put them together looks like a logical walk. After placing the photos, I added the bird noises and some transitions. The photo’s zoom in as you watch the film which I liked because it added a movement to the film.


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