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Wow, my last weekly summary! Feels great! Still have to jump into that final project but the semester of hard work is coming to a end. I have learned a lot though and value the things I’ve learned!

This week was about using things already created. Some remixed, some mashed up, some created, and some recycled.

Remixing is quite a cool concept. We see it in so many parts of media and entertainment that we do not even realize. I learned a lot by looking at other remix and hearing people’s views on remix. I think the most outstanding concept I gathered was the power or remix. That they are just as powerful if not more as the media they are remixing. For instance that of advertisement. Our culture is constantly bombarded with advertisement and propaganda. Buy this, get this, do this, support that. It is everywhere. A lot of companies advertise through media such as image, visual, and video. They create media in a way that makes what they are selling seem flawless and amazing. Here is where remixing can use it’s power to turn advertisement on it’s head. Commercials (and other media) can be remixed to exemplify the negative affects of the product. Remixing can reveal the truth that so many companies, businesses, and politicians hide behind candy coated advertisement.

I talk more about my view on remixes and what I got from watching many films, discussion, and examples of remixes here: RaRa-Remix

I mashed up some media myself this week. Actually, I did more then 7 stars!

The coolest thing I did for stars this week was to create my own assignment. This took a lot of time and looking through Youtube clips. But I brought a blast to the past with Hilary Duff and Lizzy Mcguire. Presto! Mashup!

I also mashed up a movie poster this week. I used to robot movies and mashed them into one! A then added a little color defect to show something has gone wrong! Movie Mashup

Always Recycle Is not only the last of my Mash up assignments, but, also use of recycled media. I went through and chose several recycled media. However, I chose based around a them I created from one audio media I found. Each individual media was combined through film to create a new story!

REMIXXXX!!!! haha.

Lastly I used the new tool this week to remix an assignment. I was at the mercy of a remix generator but it turned out all right. (a little weird but that’s cool) For this assignment I had to put on my nonfiction character skills. Snobby Artist vs. Album Cover

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