Presto! Mashup!

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I created a Mashup assignment!

This was a difficult assignment category to create a new assignment for. However, I was up for the challenge. I went through several ideas trying to create a mashup. A lot of failure was because “PwnYouTube” ( the MP4 converter I use) would not work for clips I wanted. However, I finally came across a Hilary Duff clip that worked. And I thought, man it would be funny to show her back in Lizzy Mcguire compared to her singing career. I don’t know much about Hillary now, but I loved Lizzy Mcquire as a kid. It was fun going through old episodes. I used one where Hilary is upset talking to her mom and cut the clip down in MPEG. I then found a clip of her singing. I used two related dialogues to give the mashup rhythm. This assignment takes thought, creativity, a good amount of searching and technical skills. All that considered, I rated it 4 stars which put me a good amount over for the 7 stars needed this week.


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