Snobby Artist vs. Album Cover

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My mashup assignment combined a process of randomly creating an album cover and the critique of a snobby artist. Disclaimer: no hate to the actual artist. I’m just doing the assignment. Here goes nothing:


This Album CoverĀ is so drab!


Like hello. There is no sense of artistic touch. I’ve seen kids in Paris color better than this. To call yourself an artist you must create like an artist. Make something awesome. I’m not sure what this is. But, nothing flows. It’s not easy on my eyes. I literally have to go rest in a dark development room after this. I mean just looking at it has been painful!

Someone get me a coffee! I’m going to do something to help this train wreck out! It wont be easy. But, i mean just look at my elbow patches, I obviously can make anything beautiful. Luck for this person that I came along!


NOW there is an album cover I would actually pick up in a store.


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