Lindsay Lohan Through the Years

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In the Actor Transformation assignment, we were asked to compile clips from movies of a specific actor to show how they changed through the years. I chose Lindsay Lohan because she has one of the most roller coaster lifestyles in the business, so I figured it would be interesting to see how she had changed. As she is continuing to write her life story, I am an advocate for people to turn their lives around to live a rewarding life. Because of this, I decided to add some commentary about hoping she could turn from a life of DUIs and drugs, and continue to live life in the clear. As many kids in the new generation have already turned to drugs, hopefully a comeback story like the one I’m hoping for can inspire kids not to give up on their lives even if they made bad decisions in their past.
I used Wikipedia to have a sort of timeline towards her movies, and simply searched YouTube for Lindsay Lohan clips. I have finally become accustom to downloading movies using “PwnYoutube.” The simplest thing I have found out is that you can just type “pwn” after the “www.” and before the “” to instantly download the URL to PwnYoutube. After I had the clips I wanted, I used Windows Movie Maker, and the resulting product was as much as I could hope for after trimming clips and ordering and reordering them. I show clips chronologically from her early career before all of her legal trouble, and then I used a clip from her court scene to represent her unraveling. I then showed a few clips about the movie Machete to show the types of movies she was doing as she was going through her drug and legal problems. Then I use the Matt Lauer clip as a break to show that she had been through rehab as she continues to try and build her career back to a higher esteem. The final thing I did was to split the Jay Leno interview to begin and end the clip. At first I had that at the end, because it fit chronologically as one of her last interviews that showed her as a kid in commercials, and then a clip from her up and coming movie about Elizabeth Taylor. I decided that I could unify the whole video by having the same interview sandwich everything else, and it also worked better chronologically when referring to her career throughout the years. Soo here is the video!

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