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This week represents my second complete failure.

Unfortunately, I did not get to any of the work as I had hoped to this week.  And now that today has come, I am pathetically sick.  As in, I think I need to go to bed, because nothing productive is going to come from my efforts tonight.  I’m thinking maybe if I try to sleep this off tonight, I can get to work on the final stuff as soon as I’m conscious again tomorrow, and start chipping away from the very beginning.  You know – do this the way I’m supposed to, and not screw myself.

But anyway.

I did enjoy reviewing the remix and mashup references and examples.  I’m positive I spent way too much time on that part.  But I was really fascinated by all of it – the concept, the history, and all the applications of it.  Last time I found myself in a similar spot with Hurricane Sandy, I hadn’t even reviewed the material.  I’m glad that this time I gave myself the opportunity to at least learn about the genre we’re working with.  I got a good feel for how to combine things to make something new, how to have fun with it, and I can add my own personal touch to it.

I also reviewed the Recycled Media assignment and the media that was stored.  I reviewed all of the videos and audio as well, to look for inspiration.  I got a few glimpses of ideas, but found that it’s difficult to focus between pukey episodes. I did the same thing with the Remix assignment.  I ended up with the prompt to make a subtle change to a ds106 poster, but I didn’t like any of the posters there enough to feel like I could do any good work with them.

So here I am.  :P   Sick, and relatively empty-handed for a two-week stretch.  Not my proudest moment.  Moving on. :P

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