Growing Up with Christina Ricci

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For this assignment I had to create a clip of an actor or actress that grew up in-front of the camera.  This sounds simple enough right?!?!? But not so easy finding an actor or actress that was a child star and is still relevant to this day.  I came across a lot of them which had a trending factor that 1) they became addicted to drugs 2) were arrested 3) just got swallowed by the Hollywood machine.  I used YouTube to find clips of actress Christina Ricci from her information that I located on IMDb I had to make sure that it was in chronological order and that it included at least 4 clips of her.  I used the AVS Video Editor to create this movie.  I downloaded videos from YouTube using a simple tool at and imported them into the AVS tool.  After I imported them I only had to drag and drop the clips where I wanted them and used the trim tool to edit the video down to what you see above.

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