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The last 2 weeks we had to do 7 points worth of mashup assignments.  When I think of these assignments my headaches that I have been struggling with all week.  Everything that could go wrong went wrong this week.  My son spilled soda in my laptop and when I finished all my work I had to turn around and redo all my assignments because they would not either upload or save in a format that could be uploaded.  Talk about frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!  I would have to say that this week’s assignment was easier than the previous assignments as far as editing maybe because I got a lot of practice doing the previous assignments.  Now I know that as soon as I post this I will be hit with a 100+ spam emails.  I currently have 231 spam comments for my blog which in my opinion is enough for me to deactivate my blog all together.  It floods my inbox and I can’t stand to have spam attacks everyday.  I felt that this weeks assignment taught me to be creative that I can take a piece of work as long as I don’t copyright and add a little Shenika to it and show my creative side or express my ideas for the world to see.  Below I have posted a link to all the assignments for the week I hope that you enjoy.

Remix Blog Post http://shenikarich.com/remix-blog-post/

Seven Points of Mashup and Recycle Assignments



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