Remixed Assignment!

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A little late, but here is my remixed assignment! After clicking on the remix assignment generator, I was asked to make an infomercial out of one of our previous assignments, and the Comic Book Effect assignment popped up. I decided to make my infomercial sell Photoshop, while combining the tutorial one student made for this assignment (here is is blog post) to use as our starting point, in which we were obligated to use previous works as our starting point. I also used two recycled images: the platypus picture, and the one of the archer from the DS106 Recycle Bin, because we were asked to incorporate some recycled media into our assignments this week. Here is a screen shot of the Remix Assignment, as I did not know how to link the generated assignment to this blog post. Remix Assignment
Finally, here is my finished infomercial. Enjoyyyyy!!! (X2)

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