All About Mixing It Up! Weekly Summary for Weeks 13 and 14

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Remix Concept

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Recycling Media


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This week by far has definitely been another challenging one, but still very informative! I definitely enjoyed learning about the back history to the whole concept of remix and learning a few new concepts along the way. Before this week I never realized how everything can be a copy. What is funny is that about two weeks ago my Environmental Ethics class was discussing this whole idea of original and a copy in terms of environmental restoration! We talked about how everyone puts so much emphasis on things being original and so on and that we see copies as having less value. After learning about the concept of remix this week that whole idea seems a bit silly to me! When you really think about it everything in some way or form is a copy of something. (whether it someone trying to imitate another’s work, someone using something from someone else, or someone trying to make something better and etc.) Everyone copies each other! This week just brought forth that whole concept of copying and made me view it in a different light.

This week the only task that annoyed me was having to do all the converting! I had to convert a lot of audio this week and most of it took about a good 15 minutes or longer. The most challenging assignment that I had this week was Opposites Attract. I ran into a copyright issue when trying to do this on SoundCloud. So I ended up not posting the song on there at all period. I felt that my best assignment this week was my Remix Assignment. At first I thought this assignment was going to be impossible to do since I was just dealing with a song. But, once I looked through my Itunes library and found an old interview track this assignment became a lot easier and enjoyable! Overall, even though I had to deal with the stomach flu (which sucks like no other) this week was pretty great and easy. I can’t believe we only have two more weeks in this class! Ahhhhhh!

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