Where did you get that?! Creating my very own Remix Assignment

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For this assignment, we were asked to remix an existing ds106 assignment.My task was to interpret the assignment given to me by the Remix Generator and complete it.
Two assignments:

From the Remix Generator I was given Mainstream Chipmunkd’ [Remixed]: What’s The Prequel? Basically I was asked to take a mainstream artist and chipmunk them using some sort of musical editing software. Then on top of that I was asked to develop the prequel story and generate it in the same format as the original.


What I decided to do for this example was use the mainstream artist Rihanna. (mainly because I love her music) I actually have a audio track I downloaded from Itunes before her Rated R album came out where she talks about each track and the inspiration and work behind it. The track gives you her interview about the track and then a snipet of the song. This album came out right after the whole Chris Brown domestic violence incident.


For this I decided to use the interview from the track that she told about the song Rockstar101 (ft. Slash). I used the program Audacity to cut out the prequel from the first track and then I added the song to it. I then raised the BPM (beats per minute) or edit pitch of the track. I then combined the two tracks, made a video in Windows Movie Maker, uploaded the audio, and uploaded the video to Youtube.

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My Remix:

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