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Affinity Space Project

December 11- I began working on project, figuring out what I needed to do and what I wanted to do the project on. I went through most of my personal picture that I have the right to share and threw them violently into iMovie as I began speed creating the project through sheer will. 
December 12- I laid down the audio track for the project after typing up a script for me to read aloud for the audio. Searched for more pictures on the internet of climbers, gear, and some instructional videos and ripped them from youtube using the Mac’s screen capture as I didn’t need the audio anyways. After editing for some consistency of scene changes, I over-layed a song that I have made some time ago that happens to be longer than the video, to provide some sound entertainment and localized the volumes to reflect my vocal audio on top of the musics’ audio. The total was maybe 2 hours of solid editing work, having iMovie crash on me and re-recording audio. After that I uploaded the video to Vimeo. Any alternate images or screen grabs not owned by me are cited at the bottom of this blog post. 
For the project, I chose to do an affinity space on climbing. I feel that it properly and easily reflects how affinity spaces work and shows the transition of climbing and the learning process needed to enjoy the sport. Also, I am part of this community and I wanted to show a bit of myself and my friends in various pictures that I took long ago and I thought it would be an easy, yet fun way for me to use the media that I have personally created from the affinity space. Whereas some people take screen grabs and video, I take pictures and movies. Some of these movies reflect parts of the project themselves because they are actually learning tools themselves, although some of them are from my poor quality iPhone 3s camera. I hated making the project, but actually enjoyed reflecting on the adventures from the pictures and video that I had taken. The video may be viewed here
Also, here are the sources for the pictures and video

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