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Assignment Ideas

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“How To ________”

For this design assignment, you will first need to pick one of your favorite persons from a tv show or movie–make sure it is someone with LOTS of character that displays their characteristics frequently. This is important; it should be something that defines them (i.e. Sterling Archer, from Archer). Next, create either a book cover, or a smartphone app icon, or the like. Add some text that says “How To [insert the name of the character you choose here]“. Make sure you tell who this app/book teaches the user/reader to be like. (NOTE: it doesn’t HAVE to be an app or a book. Get creative with it. What else can you come up with?)

Here is my example:

How to Archer Book Cover

Worth: 3 stars


“The Best Of ”

Pick your favorite tv show (or your least favorite, whichever) and compile a series of clips from the show that highlight why you love (or hate) this show.

Here is my example:

Worth: 4 Stars


These two assignments that I created relate to my final project. But, both of them came about because I had a good idea of what I wanted to do for my final project, and when I scoured through the repository, I couldn’t find the things that I had in mind. So, I created them! The first one is worth three stars, because I think it will take a good amount of creativity to figure out how to phrase things etc. It is important to really identify the key characteristics of the tv show character. And the second one, I made worth four stars, because I really want the creator to get in there and utilize video editing skills, etc. And it is time consuming–finding all of those clips to combine them. But the result is totally worth it.

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