ATTENTION! Future DS106 students Report!

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DS106 is a learning class…

You learn to become dependent on your knowledge and twitter…

I am not kidding… twitter is the BEST SOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE!

Do NOT wait til the last day to start your weekly summary….

You’ll regret it COMPLETELY!!

This course can be fun… if you go about it the correct way…

Advice tip #1: Start at the beginning of the week

Advice tip #2: ASK QUESTIONS

Advice tip #3: For the love of pineapples DO NOT DELETE ANY “Bad Ideas” … you might want to remix them!!

Advice tip #4: You will enjoy this class if you watch the weekly Tuesday videos!

Advice tip #5: You will be surprised at how much you learn… TAKE IT ALL IN!

Above all, don’t let this digital storytelling course get the best of you. HUNT IT DOWN! and take your best shot! Enjoy the ride!

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