Poor Uninteresting Patrick

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To add to my Final Project Story, I decided to take on the Audio Assignment called Uninteresting Story.

To do this one, I found a YouTube video of Patrick telling Spongebob a story.  I grabbed it using my ‘Keep It!’ Keepvid.com button on my toolbar.  I downloaded it as an mp4, and then uploaded it into MPEG Streamclip.  From there, I exported the Audio into my Audio Assignments file on my computer, under a new folder I’d made for this project.   Then, I uploaded this clip into Audacity.

From here, I went to Freesound and grabbed a few sound clips I wanted to round out the piece.  I used The Crash, the Epic Fail clip, the Fall clip, a Gaspy clip, and the Small Group Laughter clip.  Each of these I edited to grab the parts I wanted from them, and, after clipping the original story clip at the necessary parts, placed each clip accordingly.

Once satisfied, I exported the file from Audacity, and uploaded it to soundcloud. Enjoy!

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