Time-Space-Relation Project

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I found I had a hard time relating to and working on this project.  Maybe some more examples from previous classes will make this easier for classes down the road, but i had a hard time wrapping my brain around how serious the project was supposed to be. I wanted the project to have more locations, but I couldn’t help but adding information to what I had, plus my real knowledge on some of the industry is lacking. The example provided was very, very well thought out and I felt like whatever I did couldn’t really compare to it as it was the only example to be had. I hope I’ve at least ball-parked some of what this project was meant to be, but I feel as though I came up short on how the project was supposed to be done. I felt that the other projects were more thought out and easier to put together, and yes they were slightly more straightforward. The explanation was great, but I couldn’t really realize any more uses for the presentation geared towards what I wanted to focus it on. Here is the link, hope it’s at least somewhat representative.


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