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Meet Judy Johnson:

Here’s her autobiography, published with the help of her trusted aide, Kelsey Matthews.

Judy wanted to learn how to introduce herself to Rhode Island. She went on the radio in Providence.

The Rhode Islanders loved her! She was an instant hit. Next up on her agenda was a speech. She needed to get there quickly from the radio show, so she was feeling rushed as she knew the audience was getting restless.

Yay! The audience loved her speech. That weekend, Judy got a laptop. One of her nieces taught her how to vlog. This was her first major mis-step:

She had planned it as outreach,and then accidentally began speaking in her real voice! Oh no! Even worse, her vlog was automatically uploaded to youtube because of the settings on her new laptop! The video became viral in Rhode Island. Ever the politician, Judy tried explaining herself through a radio spot:

This helped some realize that Judy hadn’t meant harm, but she was still down in the polls. So, her campaign got together funds and ran this ad on television.

After saying that she made mistakes, but hey, so did all the Presidents, Judy began to win her way back into public favor. In fact, her story ends happily. Here’s the chronicle of Judy:

Judy-4icons 1story

She made it to Congress for the state of Rhode Island! Best of luck Judy!


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