Hit It! Tutorial

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To begin this assignment you must first choose a image that you think will be situable for this assignment. Make sure that image is saved on your computer.Remember that if you choose to use an image off the internet make sure that it has no text already on it! Here is the link to the website that I got my photo off of:


Next, find a website or a program that will allow you to add text to your photo. I used this website for my example. (It is free and you do not have to download or even register to it!):


Add the funny phrase into the photo using the tool. Make sure that the font size and color are appropriate for your image, otherwise anyone who views the picture will not be able to see the text! Save the new image to your laptop or computer and upload it to Flickr.

Viola and you are done!

Here is the link to the example that I did;


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