Judy-Scenes With An Impact

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Judy was feeling really bad after her flap of not really having a Rhode Island accent, as revealed in her vlog.

Here’s what I made as her response. I went to youtube and typed in ‘presidential goofs’. That was NOT hard to find videos on. Then I downloaded them via iLivid and edited them together in Premiere. I recorded myself in Audacity and then imported the mp3 files into Premiere. It was a lot of fun. I ended with Bill Clinton’s favorite joke because I thought it was a good way to sum up her feelings about her goof-up. The scenes with an impact assignment can be found here. I really enjoyed putting my own take on it through the final project. I know it says to take scenes from movies, but I felt this was the best option for Judy. Politics are an integral part of her life and political happenings are things that would have impacted her.

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